We know the daily chal­lenges faced by medi­cal prac­ti­ces and medi­cal care cen­ters when it comes to trans­port­ing pati­ents relia­bly and punc­tually. Delays, unclear boo­kings and admi­nis­tra­tive hurd­les can put an enorm­ous strain on ever­y­day prac­tice life. With MOXI, we offer you a tailor-made solu­tion that is pre­cis­ely tail­o­red to the needs and requi­re­ments of prac­ti­ces and medi­cal care cen­ters. Tog­e­ther, we ensure that your pati­ents arrive safely and on time.

Orga­niza­tion of trips today

Many medi­cal prac­ti­ces and MCCs regu­larly face the chall­enge of coor­di­na­ting relia­ble and effi­ci­ent pati­ent trans­por­ta­tion. The cur­rent sys­tem is often frag­men­ted, which leads to delays, mis­coor­di­na­tion and the­r­e­fore dis­sa­tis­fac­tion among both pati­ents and medi­cal staff. Added to this are unclear respon­si­bi­li­ties and com­mu­ni­ca­tion bar­riers with trans­port ser­vice pro­vi­ders, which results in valuable time being lost and an increase in admi­nis­tra­tive work. The result: a pro­cess that is far from smooth and patient-oriented.


Instant coor­di­na­tion

MOXI’s plat­form pro­vi­des a seam­less and intui­tive inter­face that enables medi­cal prac­ti­ces and MCCs to coor­di­nate trans­por­ta­tion in real time. This mini­mi­zes delays and ensu­res pati­ents receive the timely care they need.

Ver­sa­tile boo­king options

In addi­tion to digi­tal boo­kings, pati­ents or medi­cal staff can also orga­nize trans­port by tele­phone. This offers fle­xi­bi­lity and ensu­res that even less tech-savvy pati­ents can be trans­por­ted wit­hout any problems.

Relief for prac­tice staff

By auto­ma­ting and opti­mi­zing the trans­port pro­ces­ses, medi­cal staff can con­cen­trate more on their core tasks, while MOXI takes on the logi­sti­cal challenges.


Simple and intui­tive — the MOXI plat­form for medi­cal prac­ti­ces and MCCs.


Our offers for opti­mi­zed pati­ent mobility *


For prac­ti­ces, gene­ral practitioners
or specialists
1 Access
Online onboar­ding material
Basic e‑mail support
Free of charge


For MCCs, group prac­ti­ces or out­pa­ti­ent facilities
5 Acces­ses
Advan­ced role management
Onboar­ding and webinars
Tele­phone support
MOXI Road­map
MOXI Scan­ner
MOXI Appr­oval
Inter­faces to exis­ting systems
89,00 € / month
1,99 € per trip

MOXI explai­ned…

MOXI Road­map: The MOXI ser­vice is crea­ted for you. To ensure that we remain the best solu­tion for pati­ent trans­por­ta­tion in the future, we give you the oppor­tu­nity to actively par­ti­ci­pate or sim­ply to see new fea­tures. You have ideas, wis­hes or cri­ti­cism MOXI Road­map is the place for them.
MOXI Chat: A secure chat to exch­ange infor­ma­tion about the trips.
MOXI Scan­ner: With the scan­ner, you can easily pho­to­graph trans­port regu­la­ti­ons. Intel­li­gent soft­ware then reads the infor­ma­tion into the MOXI plat­form for you.
MOXI Appr­oval: Some jour­neys are sub­ject to appr­oval and must be appro­ved before depar­ture. With MOXI Appr­oval, we reco­gnize this and auto­ma­ti­cally send a request to the health insu­rance company.
* Do you ope­rate seve­ral faci­li­ties and would like to use the MOXI ser­vice in a net­work? Please cont­act us and we will prepare an offer tail­o­red to your needs.

FAQ for medi­cal facilities

FAQ for medi­cal facilities
About MOXI

How does MOXI work? 

MOXI offers a user-fri­endly plat­form through which you can enter the neces­sary mobi­lity requi­re­ments of your pati­ents. They are then auto­ma­ti­cally con­nec­ted with available pro­fes­sio­nal trans­por­ta­tion ser­vices nearby. The trans­port ser­vices are sel­ec­ted accor­ding to their avai­la­bi­lity, qua­li­fi­ca­ti­ons and equip­ment to ensure relia­ble and safe transportation.

Is MOXI available for my facility? 

You can alre­ady use us throug­hout Ger­many. MOXI is con­stantly working to expand its reach. We are curr­ently estab­li­shing many new col­la­bo­ra­ti­ons and part­ner­ships with hos­pi­tals and medi­cal faci­li­ties. Please feel free to cont­act us!

What advan­ta­ges does MOXI offer us? 

MOXI offers a wide range of bene­fits for you, including 
  • Auto­ma­ted boo­king platform
  • Impro­ved appoint­ment sche­du­ling and coor­di­na­tion for your patients
  • Increased pati­ent satis­fac­tion through punc­tual and relia­ble trans­por­ta­tion (live track­ing), no more disappointments
  • Sim­pli­fied bil­ling with health insu­rance com­pa­nies and bil­ling offices
  • Impro­ved inter­nal pro­ces­ses and efficiency

What is MOXI? 

MOXI is an inno­va­tive plat­form that enables pati­ents and medi­cal faci­li­ties to com­mu­ni­cate indi­vi­dual mobi­lity needs and to book and coor­di­nate rides for medi­cal pur­po­ses. MOXI con­nects pati­ents and medi­cal faci­li­ties directly with a pool of pro­fes­sio­nal trans­port ser­vices to mini­mize boo­king effort and improve adhe­rence to appointments.

Who can use MOXI? 

MOXI is aimed at pati­ents, medi­cal faci­li­ties such as hos­pi­tals, cli­nics and doc­tors’ sur­ge­ries as well as pro­fes­sio­nal trans­port ser­vices, con­trol cen­ters and health insu­rance com­pa­nies. The plat­form enables seam­less col­la­bo­ra­tion bet­ween all par­ties invol­ved in order to improve mobi­lity for peo­ple who are depen­dent on medi­cal transportation.

Pay­ment and security

Is MOXI safe? 

The safety of our pati­ents is our top prio­rity. That’s why we only work with pre­mium pro­vi­ders who have expe­ri­en­ced drivers.

Is my pati­ents’ data safe with MOXI? 

Of course, MOXI GmbH com­plies with the EU Gene­ral Data Pro­tec­tion Regu­la­tion and com­plies with the cur­rent data pro­tec­tion regu­la­ti­ons and is GDPR com­pli­ant. All data trans­fers and sto­rage are encrypted. Fur­ther infor­ma­tion on our pri­vacy policy can be found here:

Who pays for the transportation? 

Health insu­rance covers the costs of jour­neys if they are neces­sary for medi­cal reasons and pre­scri­bed by a doc­tor. MOXI makes bil­ling easier. As a per­son with sta­tu­tory health insu­rance, your pati­ents pay ten per­cent of the costs per trip, up to a maxi­mum of ten euros. The cost share is wai­ved if the pati­ent is in need of care and has a care degree. As a medi­cal faci­lity, you do not bear any fur­ther costs.

Regis­tra­tion and account

Do I have to create an account for my patients? 

No, to book a trip, you can sim­ply go to Book a ride and enter all the requi­red data as well as your patient’s mobi­lity rest­ric­tion. No sepa­rate account is required.

How can I update indi­vi­dual pati­ent data? 

If your pati­ents’ per­so­nal details have chan­ged, you can easily change them under My account or enter them directly the next time you make a boo­king. Of course, this also applies to your pati­ents’ indi­vi­dual mobi­lity requirements.

Trip and booking

Can I book the trip a few days in advance? 

You can of course book a pati­ent trip in advance. Sim­ply enter the desi­red pick-up time and desti­na­tion under Book a ride. You will receive an appoint­ment con­fir­ma­tion by email, text mes­sage, push noti­fi­ca­tion or app message.

Can­cel­la­tion and change 

If an appoint­ment chan­ges or you need to can­cel a ride for your pati­ent, you can do so in the MOXI account. We can only accept can­ce­la­ti­ons up to one hour before the ride. The­r­e­fore, we recom­mend that you make chan­ges and can­ce­la­ti­ons as early as pos­si­ble to ensure that we can pro­cess your request in a timely manner.

Dif­fe­rence bet­ween KTW and taxi/rental car 

A KTW (ambu­lance) is a spe­cia­li­zed vehicle equip­ped for the safe trans­port of sick or inju­red per­sons. It has medi­cal faci­li­ties and is accom­pa­nied by qua­li­fied medi­cal per­son­nel. In con­trast, cabs and ren­tal cars pro­vide gene­ral pas­sen­ger trans­por­ta­tion ser­vices wit­hout spe­cia­li­zed medi­cal equip­ment or escort. MOXI auto­ma­ti­cally con­nects you with the best vehicle adapted to your per­so­nal mobi­lity restrictions.

How do I book a ride? 

Boo­king a ride is very easy. To do this, go to Book a ride and then enter your details and your mobi­lity rest­ric­tion, your desi­red pick-up and desti­na­tion and your desi­red time.

My pati­ent had a pro­blem with the trip 

If your pati­ent has a pro­blem with a trip, you or your pati­ent can cont­act our cus­to­mer ser­vice at any time. You can find all cont­act infor­ma­tion on our website.