Do you have to wait a long time for the trans­port service?

The demand for patient transportation is increasing, the supply is decreasing. What are the reasons and what is our solution?

Unfort­u­na­tely, it is not pos­si­ble for ever­yone to use public trans­por­ta­tion at all times. Many peo­ple around the world are depen­dent on large-capa­city cabs or spe­cia­li­zed pati­ent trans­port, for exam­ple because they have to be trans­por­ted lying down or do not have wheel­chair access to the nea­rest sub­way sta­tion. There are spe­cial large-capa­city cabs or pati­ent trans­ports for these needs. Unfort­u­na­tely, cab dri­vers are among the big losers in the coro­na­vi­rus cri­sis. As state aid is often insuf­fi­ci­ent, many cab dri­vers are and have been forced to give up their jobs.

But what does this mean for the peo­ple who rely on spe­cial transportation?

In the past, trans­port ser­vices were reli­e­ved by cab com­pa­nies, some of which also spe­cia­li­zed in trans­port­ing pati­ents. Howe­ver, this requi­red the purchase of spe­cial large-capa­city cabs with wheel­chair ramps. Howe­ver, a lack of (qua­li­fied) dri­vers means that many of these equip­ped vehic­les remain unu­sed. In some cases, this leads to pati­ents wai­ting for hours for the trans­port ser­vice they have booked.

The paper­work is no walk in the park eit­her. The costs of pati­ent trans­por­ta­tion are actually covered by a payer such as a health insu­rance com­pany. Howe­ver, for each trans­port ser­vice, an office worker is tas­ked with sub­mit­ting cer­tain “trans­port tickets” to the respec­tive cost bea­rers. It can take weeks or even months for the money to reach the driver’s account. As this is too risky and time-con­sum­ing for many smal­ler cab com­pa­nies, the patient’s first task is to search for a sui­ta­ble trans­port service.

The result is tedious and leng­thy cont­ac­ting of many trans­port ser­vices to finally find the right one.

If only trans­port mana­gers could be reli­e­ved of this bureau­cra­tic bur­den and pati­ents could easily com­plete the boo­king pro­cess via an app.
For­t­u­na­tely, MOXI exists.

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Philip Lin­den­blatt